Our Journey

Promoting Queensland Motorcycle racing since 1958

40 years of motorcycle racing at Lakeside.

Lakeside Raceway was put on the drawing board in 1959 to be built as a club circuit. The concern was to keep motor racing on the map in Queensland, especially with the closure of the old Strathpine circuit that same year. At the time, Lowood was the only road racing circuit still operating and a replacement for Strathpine was a matter of urgency.

Sid Sakzewski a member of QMSC came up with a plan for Lakeside. This track proved to be quite unlike any other in Australia. It had 4 major corners and 5 minor changes of direction with varying gradients. The track was originally designed for anti-clockwise racing but the safety committee CAMS ruled this unsafe and directed that all racing be clockwise. Lakeside held its first meeting in March 1961 a car event run by the QMSC where 2000 people turned out to watch 23 entries.

The first motorcycle event was held on the 10th September 1961 with 46 entrants competing in 8 events. This event was promoted by the Motorcycle Sportsmen of Queensland and was attended by 1000 spectators. Many of these riders came from interstate and all riders were most impressed with the challenge of riding the new track..

In 1962 because of the success of the first race Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld decided that they would continue to promote Motorcycle Racing in Queensland. Their decision to hold 2 meetings a year, was met with great response from the competitors. The first of these meetings was the Queensland Grand Prix held on the 6th May 1962. This meeting brought many riders from interstate, some of these riders going on to international fame.

Over the next 40 years the Motorcycle Sportsmen of Queensland went on the promote 200 meetings. As interest and enthusiasm grew the Club promoted an average of 5 meetings per annum at Lakeside. This figure does not include the many other meetings promoted by other Clubs such as Bears, Ducati, and Stay Racing whom depended heavily on support from the Motorcycle Sportsmen to conduct their meetings. It also does not include the Official Practice Days and Ride Days, which would at least double that figure. In 1984 the inclusion of the “Bus Stop” to the track was a welcome safety addition for Motorcycling racing.

The Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld has been proud to have promoted these events at Lakeside:-

  • 8 x Australian Grand Prix
  • 10 x Australian T.T. (Tourist Trophy)
  • 5 x Australian Road Racing Championships
  • 3 x Queensland Grand Prix
  • 25 x Queensland Championships
  • 3 x International Swann Series
  • 12 x International Shell Series
  • 18 x Historic Racing Championships
  • 9 x Stars of Tomorrow Championships
  • 107 x Club Events

In 1990 with the formation of Queensland Early Motor Cycle Sporting Club, Motorcycle Sportsmen of Queensland passed the promotion of Historic Racing over to that club and they have continues Historic Racing at Lakeside annually until the last meeting in June which celebrated 40 years of Lakeside.

Lakeside circuit has attracted many a rider to Queensland, some of these have gone on to become World champions.

Australian World Champions Whom Have Raced At Lakeside

  • 1969 – Kel Carruthers
  • 1979 – Barry Smith
  • 1987 – Wayne Gardner
  • 1994/5/6/7/8 – Michael Doohan

2nd World Rankings

  • 1964 – Jack Ahearn
  • 1978/79 – Gregg Hansford (Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld member)
  • 1995 – Daryl Beattie (Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld member)
  • 1995 – Troy Corser

3rd World Rankings

  • 1976 – John Dodds
  • 1991/92 – Rob Phillis

Many of Motorcycle Sportsmen club riders experienced the overseas circuits finishing high in the world rankings some of these are;-

  • Geoff Howie
  • Bill Butler
  • Jim Davies
  • Brendan Marchesi
  • Scott Doohan
  • Carl Muggerridge
  • Anthony West
  • Brendan Clarke

Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld have produced many an Australian Champion and have fulfilled the dreams of thousand of local riders, all of whom have used Lakeside as their training ground.

Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld Australian Champions

  • 1969 – Sandy McRae, Unlimited Sidecar
  • 1969 – Ian Munro, 125cc
  • 1973 – Gregg Hansford, 500cc
  • 1973 – Gregg Hansford, Unlimited
  • 1974 – Gregg Hansford, Unlimited
  • 1976 – Gregg Hansford, Unlimited
  • 1979 – John Pace, 350cc
  • 1980 – Gregg Hansford, 250cc
  • 1980 – Gregg Hansford, 350cc
  • 1985 – Michael Dowson, Unlimited
  • 1986 – Michael Dowson, 250cc
  • 1986 – Michael Dowson, 350cc
  • 1989 – Daryl Beattie, 250cc
  • 1993 – Scott Doohan, Superbikes
  • 1996 – Chad Turnbull, 250 Production
  • 1998 – Anthony West, 250 Production
  • 1998 – John Allen, H.D. Super Twins
  • 1999 – John Allen, H.D. Sportsters
  • 2000 – John Allen, H.D. Sportsters
  • 2001 – Earl Lynch, 250 GP