Everything you need to go to join our track events.

What is a MA Licence?

To ride at events hosted by Sporties, you will need a Motorcycling Australia (MA) licence

Coaching and Track Days

  • For coaching and track days you will need either a recreational licence or a competition licence.
  • Licences can be purchased on Ridernet when entering. You can buy an annual licence or a single event license through Ridernet.

Race days

  • On race days you will need a one event competition licence or a full competition licence. A recreational licence is not sufficient.
  • Licences can be purchased on Ridernet when entering.

Note – if you are doing all three or four days (coaching, track and race) then it may be more cost effective in the long run to obtain an annual competition licence from MA.

How do I apply for a race licence?

Once you have joined an affiliated club like ours you can apply for a race licence through MQLD.
You will need to have a road bike license or have done a track/coaching day and filled out a simple questionnaire.

How do I know you received my entry?

Once your payment has cleared you will receive a confirmation email from the entry system which also verifies all your information for the event.

Cancellation Policy

Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld  (MSQ) Refund Policy


MSQ will assess all requests for refund with consideration to this refund policy and apply common sense approach to support the Club and Members obligations.


All bookings for MSQ are made via Motorcycle Australia’s (MA) Ridernet application.

  • As an entrant, you require a Ridernet ID and valid MA license prior to booking a MSQ event.
  • Ridernet charges processing and Credit Card fees in addition to the entry rate or purchases published by MSQ. Ridernet fees are not refundable.
  • Ridernet requires any cancelled or withdrawn entries to be refunded.  Entries cannot be transferred to another event. (you will need to separately book if you wish to attend another event)

Wet Weather

  • All Sporties events will take place even if it rains.  It will be your decision if you choose not to participate.
  • In very rare cases, if track officials deem the track dangerous due to flooding and/or debris on the circuit, an event may be cancelled.
  • If, prior to the commencement of the event, the event is cancelled due to the track officials declaring the track unsafe, you will receive a refund of fees paid.


  • The onus of cancellation is on the entrant to withdraw from the event via your login on Ridernet; MSQ will be notified if this is undertaken.
  • Refunds prior to the entries closing for an event (typically 10 days) will be for the balance of entry minus fees to the card that the booking was paid on Ridernet.
  • If you withdraw, the following apply:
    • Medical – if you cannot attend due to a medical reason, please email a copy of the medical certificate to MSQ Manager and a full refund will be completed.
    • Timeframe/s
      • More than 10 days from the event – refund minus $25 admin fee
      • Less than 10 days from the event – no refund

If you feel you have extenuating circumstances to withdraw from an event and cannot do so by Ridernet, it is at MSQ’s discretion as to whether a refund will be offered.  Please email manager@motorcyclesportsmen.com.au with an explanation, including a copy of any supporting documents.

Which class is my bike eligible for?

Class information can be found here
If you have any questions please email us and we will ask one of our committee members to help you.

How much does it cost?

Event entry fees are shown on the entry form for the event.

2024 Entry fees

  • Track days $225 (including one transponder hire)
  • Coaching days $330
  • Racing $375
  • Recreational day licence $35
  • One event competition licence $85
  • Garage (including power)
    • Track day $50 per day
    • Race meeting $100 per meeting (2 days)
  • Camping
    • Thursday nights $25 per person (check if available)
    • Friday & Saturday nights $50 per person

Note – camping at Morgan Park includes power to camp site but not to be used for tyre warmers.

Can I camp at the track?

Yes, camping is allowed at Morgan Park and Queensland Raceway.

Camping numbers may be limited due to track manager restrictions placed on the track hire.

Camping must me booked via Ridernet when the competitor in entering the event.

Are there tyre changing facilities at the track?

Tyre changing facilities are available at the track on track days and race days. We cannot guarantee tyre changing facilities are available on coaching days.

The club tyre supplier is Whites Racing Products who will be at each event to supply and change tyres. It’s a good idea to preorder tyres to be fitted at the track to ensure availability. Our tyre supplier keeps a healthy stock on tyres on hand at the track but its always best to come prepared.

What do I need to do to my bike to go racing?

Check out our visual guide for the person who wants to race-prep their bike. Use this as a companion to the requirements set out in the Road Race chapter of the General Competition Rules.

Any further questions, please reach out to us.

Click on the image for a printable copy.