Coaching Days

What is a Coaching Day?

The club runs a number of Coaching Days on the Thursdays before Track Days.

All coaches have MA coaching accreditation and many years of experience.


On a coaching day there is a dedicated coach who manages a group of students with structured coaching, including step by step approach to corner entry, mid corner and corner exit. We also work on vision, braking and anything else we can see would improve your riding.

Each group has on track and off track coaching, we have a dedicated section of track that we use to give instant feedback to the students, this way they are prompted constantly then they put into practice through the rest of the day’s on track coaching sessions. There are normally three groups which sometimes includes a group of junior riders so each rider feels comfortable with other students of similar experience.

There is plenty of riding through the day so ideal to transport your bike to and from if possible and bring some extra fuel.

Inclusions & cost

All coaches have MA coaching accreditation and many years of experience.

Coaching days NEED to be pre-booked, we do not accept on the day entries.

  • One on One Coaching
  • Improve Your Road Skills
  • Participate In Track Days
  • Quicker Race Lap Times
  • Get More Out of Your Motorcycle Riding
  • We Cater To Your Needs
  • $330 covers your entry for the day, including garage and a catered lunch.

Please contact the club through the [email protected] with any other questions, hope to see you at a coaching day soon, or fill in an entry form from our Calendar page to book your spot today.

Coaching Day Information

When you arrive

Circuit opens at 7am

Firstly come and meet the coaches who will advise you where to set up.

Sign on

Approximately 8am

If you do not have a valid Motorcycling Australia License you need a Motorcycling Australia Recreation License, this can be purchased via your ridernet profile, see here for more information.


Tea, Coffee, Drinks and snacks are available all day for participants.

Carports & power
  • DO NOT set up in the carports up near the tower, these are for coaches ONLY
  • Carports are FREE for coaching days only, they include the use of power.
  • You will need to bring your own power lead to access the power. Pitting on the bitumen apron surrounding the carport bays is strictly prohibited.
  • Generators are not be used in the car port area.
Scrutineering Coaching Days

There is no scrutineering on coaching days, but we ask that all machines be either ROADWORTHY (if street bikes) or RACE READY (if race bikes).
You are responsible for your own safety!

If you are staying for the Friday Track Day then please have your bike prepared as per the Track day information page.


There is no fuel at the circuit so top up your tank before or ideally bring some spare fuel so you do not need to ride around with a full tank all the time.

Protective Clothing/Equipment

You must be fully covered, no skin visible

-Motorcycle Leathers (1 or 2 piece that can and must be zipped together), motorcycle boots, motorcycle protective gloves and an Australian Standard approved helmet (undamaged). – Leather Jacket, denim or better pants.


Riders Briefing: Start of Coaching Day 9am


The riders briefing will be conducted to give all participants an outline of the day’s proceedings and instruction on how to enter and exit the track, the meaning of all flags, what to do if you have a break down, run out of fuel or have an accident etc and to answer any questions you may have. If you arrive at the track late, please report to a coach or Practice Supervisor.


The Motorcycle Sportsmen provides a number of coaches at every Coaching Day. All of our coaches are MA accredited and have many years of experience in both riding and coaching. They pride themselves on having the ability to share their knowledge and experience to enhance your learning experience.

Please come and talk to any of them at any time during the day. They are there to provide assistance to you throughout the day.

There will at least one coach in each session during the day and, they will all be wearing a flouro vest. You must obey any instructions given to you by the coaches and/or Officials.


Flags are used to communicate important information to the riders on track by the officials.

Yellow flag: SLOW DOWN, DO NOT OVERTAKE There is a rider down, or there has been mechanical failure, and this can lead to debris on the track.

Green flag: Track is clear, ok to enter the circuit with caution.

Red flag: The session has been stopped or is completed and you are required to exit the circuit. Slow down, complete your current lap, and return to the pits.

Black flag: If a situation develops that requires a rider return to the pits ASAP, a black flag WILL BE WAVED AT YOU and WE WILL point at the particular rider, this will be done at on the main straight. Please come down to the Pit exit when you return to the pits to find out what the problem is.


If you see an accident on the track DO NOT STOP UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Qualified coaches control the track and this will ensure your safety on the day. The Coaches can assess, notify, alert and monitor all incidents and conditions to ensure safety and effective running of the day.

Rules of Conduct

(These rules are for the safety of all participants and officials, please take note.)

It is your personal responsibility to ensure you come to the track in good time and not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance, as this can impact your ability to operate the motorbike and respond with alertness on the circuit. It is your responsibility to offer your fellow riders the respect they are offering you.

There are to be NO STUNTS, WHEELIES, STOPPIES, BURNOUTS etc performed by anyone.

There is no alcohol or illegal substances permitted at any time during the event. If at any time the Motorcycle Sportsmen believe you to be under the influence and/or acting inappropriately they will ask you to leave the circuit, and your monies will be forfeited.

Do not refuel any machines on the bitumen areas in the pits. If you spill fuel or fluid of any description please come up to the tower as we have sorb there to clean up with.

Do not try to move from your line to allow for faster riders coming from behind – keep your line, they will get around you.

Pay attention to the flag marshals.

This is not a race day; this is meant to be a fun, safe and enjoyable day for all. Do not let your behavior ruin it for others.


Are welcome to come along and have a look and are welcome in the pit area as long as they have the appropriate footwear. There is no food available at the circuit so spectators must supply their own food.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld  (MSQ) Refund Policy


MSQ will assess all requests for refund with consideration to this refund policy and apply common sense approach to support the Club and Members obligations.


All bookings for MSQ are made via Motorcycle Australia’s (MA) Ridernet application.

  • As an entrant, you require a Ridernet ID and valid MA license prior to booking a MSQ event.
  • Ridernet charges processing and Credit Card fees in addition to the entry rate or purchases published by MSQ. Ridernet fees are not refundable.
  • Ridernet requires any cancelled or withdrawn entries to be refunded.  Entries cannot be transferred to another event. (you will need to separately book if you wish to attend another event)

Wet Weather

  • All Sporties events will take place even if it rains.  It will be your decision if you choose not to participate.
  • In very rare cases, if track officials deem the track dangerous due to flooding and/or debris on the circuit, an event may be cancelled.
  • If, prior to the commencement of the event, the event is cancelled due to the track officials declaring the track unsafe, you will receive a refund of fees paid.


  • The onus of cancellation is on the entrant to withdraw from the event via your login on Ridernet; MSQ will be notified if this is undertaken.
  • Refunds prior to the entries closing for an event (typically 10 days) will be for the balance of entry minus fees to the card that the booking was paid on Ridernet.
  • If you withdraw, the following apply:
    • Medical – if you cannot attend due to a medical reason, please email a copy of the medical certificate to MSQ Manager and a full refund will be completed.
    • Timeframe/s
      • More than 10 days from the event – refund minus $25 admin fee
      • Less than 10 days from the event – no refund

If you feel you have extenuating circumstances to withdraw from an event and cannot do so by Ridernet, it is at MSQ’s discretion as to whether a refund will be offered.  Please email with an explanation, including a copy of any supporting documents.

Schedule for the Day

7:00:00 AM Gates Open

8:00:00 AM Sign on and fill in your Recreational Licence if needed

9:00:00 AM Riders briefing and start of the coaching day

12:30:00 PM Lunch

4:30:00 PM Finish