Camping At Track

Camping is available for competitors at the track
during select events

You will need to pre book your camping when you enter the event on ridernet.


In the interests of safety we ask that you (the camper) comply with the following guidelines:

  1. No camping in the pit area.
  2. Camping power is NOT to be used for tyre warmers.
  3. You will need to have pre booked your camping when you entered the event on ridernet.
  4. Campers will need to register their attendance with the club officials at the race secretary’s office.
  5. Campers will be provided with an arm band as evidence of their entitlement to camp at the track.
  6. Persons in attendance at the track after 8:30pm without an arm band will be asked to leave the track prior to gates being locked.
  7. The rules for camping at each event will be published in the competitors’ final instructions as they may change from event to event depending on weather other varying factors.


  • Thursday nights – $24 per person (check if available)
  • Friday & Saturday nights – $50 per person


Camping spots are limited and dependent on the track managers allowances.

If you plan on camping at the track, get in quick!

Alternative camping

There is also camping available next door to Morgan Park Raceway at Warwick Dragway– call 0414 376 242

There is alternate camping available near Queensland Raceway at Albert Theaker Park.

  • The track managers, Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld Inc, Motorcycling Queensland and Motorcycling Australia assumes no liability for personal loss, injury, death, property damage or other related harm suffered by competitors, spectators and/or others who choose to camp at the tracks.
  • The camping area does not have lighting or established footpaths and you as campers, acknowledge and accept these conditions.
  • Loud music, foul language and general unruliness will not be tolerated.
  • Quiet hours are from 8.30pm to 7.00am in the camping area. All generators must be shut down between 8.30pm and 7.00am.
  • No fireworks, drug usage or underage consumption of alcohol is allowed anywhere in the track precinct. The laws relating to these matters are applicable here, as they are in any public place.
  • Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided or take it with you. Please leave the camping area in the same condition as when you arrived.
  • The competitors final instructions will either consent or reuse permission to have small fires at the camp site. If a small campfire is permitted at the event, your obligation is to ensure that you small camp fire is safe, a fire extinguisher is at hand and the fire is extinguished prior to going to bed.
  • No camping allowed the Wednesday before events or Sunday after events.
  • Any machines, equipment or belongings left at the circuit are left at your own risk. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in you being ejected from the property.